I’m now a third of the way through the year, so should be a third of the way through Longmont.  I fell behind a little bit in April, however, due to a variety of reasons.  I spent maybe five days helping  my daughter and son-in-law paint their house.  One weekend was spent in Nebraska for a family get-together.  And also this was one of the snowiest Aprils in Longmont history.

So I only made it out four times in April.  But I’m expecting the next few months to be big for street walking.  I’m signed up for the Happy Smackah charity 5K  run/walk around Mcintosh Lake Saturday May 11, and also plan on walking the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day.

I want to congratulate my niece Cassie, who completed her first half-marathon in Lincoln on May 5 !!!                       You can read about her story at her blog…

Eye of the Gazelle  blog


My totals for the month:  85,240 steps  in 15 hours and 43 minutes.  

Total for the year is 463,020 steps, and time of 85 hours and 40 minutes.

full map

full map

close-up of northern area where most walking is completed

close-up of northern area where most walking is completed


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