June Progress Report (half-way done?)

My totals for the month:  147,100 steps  in 26 hours and 29 minutes.  

Total for the year is 767,500 steps, and time of 140 hours and 43 minutes.

Since it’s now half-way through the year, I should be about half-way through Longmont.  And I feel that’s about where I’m at, looking at the map  below.

My pedometer is probably not all that accurate, but my guess is I’ve probably walked somewhere between 350 and 400 miles so far in my streetwalking.

As is clear from the map, I’m going to have to spend a lot more time in the south and southwest part of the city.  But now that I have my better-quality bike, that should not be a problem.

Map as of end of June (northern part)

Map as of end of June (northern part)

Map as of end of June

Map as of end of June

2 thoughts on “June Progress Report (half-way done?)

  1. Read about you in the paper today – great idea and best of luck! Looks like you already walked our neighborhood but alas our yard didn’t get featured. Really curious to see what the strangest thing is that you find.

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