September Progress Report

My totals for the month:  193,460 steps  in 35 hours and 45 minutes.  

Total for the year is 1,217,170 steps, and time of 221 hours and 39 minutes.

My most monthly mileage occurred this month, and presumably will be for the entire year.  Comfortably on schedule to finish this year… about 15 more outings, it appears, so just over once a week should do it.  And that’s including 4 planned outings to the east of town along highway 119, which are not actually in the city limits (although they have Longmont addresses).

Obviously, the severe flooding this month put a different aspect on my walking.  But recovery seems to be progressing quite well.  The biggest direct effect to me is that the bike paths I take to the south-west side of town are out of commission; but I can always ride on streets or sidewalks in those areas.

I’ve made it through the hot part of the summer, so that’s a relief.  I’ve stated before that I’m more of a cold-weather person.  The down side is that the days are much shorter now.  In mid-summer I was sometimes starting out soon after  5 AM.  Now it’s not starting to get light enough until almost 7 AM.  Everything’s a trade-off!

End of September

End of September





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