Test Walk 1 – Saturday, October 13, 2012

I started this walk in the subdivision south of 9th Avenue and east of Fox Hill golf course.   My wife Jennifer and I had just dropped off a package for a friend that lived there, on Bluefield Avenue, I decided this would be a good time to start my walk.

We had a good rain the night before, and there was a very slight drizzle now, with overcast skies, but this is exactly the type of weather I enjoy.  I’m fair-skinned,  and much prefer a fifty degree overcast day to a ninety degree sunny day.   My goal was to cover everything between the golf course and county line road (except for the boundaries), and between 9th Avenue and Highway 119 (3rd Street).  This may seem like a large area, but much of it is still open space, as of yet undeveloped.

Soon after I began, the rain started to come down a little harder.   I’m not going to complain, because in general, at least in Colorado, I think you should never complain about rain or snow. As I was walking, I saw what I thought were a few berries lying on the ground, wet from the rain.  They looked like blueberries, which are probably my favorite berry.  As I continue on, I realized that because of the logistics of my walk, I would be passing by that same house again. Now, I don’t think I have EVER before in my life eaten anything I picked up off the sidewalk. But I had time to think about this as I was walking around the circuit, and decided to pick them up when I came around again.  They looked like blueberries, and were freshly washed from the rain… so what could be the harm?  I popped one in my mouth, and it was quite tasty… but when I felt the tiny seeds in my mouth, I finally determined they were grapes, rather than blueberries.

Perhaps a little foolish, but I have survived to tell the tale!

Now the rain was coming down a little harder, and I realized I would not have time to do the entire walk I had originally planned (I had an appointment at my daughter’s house with somebody who was installing a new garage door for her).  I finished up Tanager Circle (there is a cul-de-sac there that has lovely landscaping in the middle of it)

Then I decided to cut short my original goal and just do the big loop around Deerwood Drive, come out on 9th Avenue, and then head home via Wolf Creek Drive and Red Mountain Drive.  Incidentally, there was a very cool Halloween black cat on roughly 10th and Wolf Creek that kept nodding it’s head at me as I passed by  (THIS would be second  picture from today).

Total Time:  1:15

Total Distance:  roughly 3.5 miles

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