Test Walk 2 – Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today I decided to see how long it would take me to cover two neighborhoods… my own, a very small one just north of Skyline High School… and the one just north/northeast of me.  I started from my house, and in less than 4 minutes, crossed the Rough and Ready ditch to the other neighborhood.  I often walk though this neighborhood on the way to the King Soopers or Safeway at 17th and Pace.  But here my goal was to cover every street here.  One thing I like about this neighborhood is the street names…. my favorite is ‘Memory Lane’, but there are also Americana, Folklore, Heirloom, Sanctuary, and Serenity, among others.   At least as far as I know now, the only street names that surpass this are in the Prospect neighborhood.  It’s hard to beat names like Neon Forest, Ionosphere, and Tempted Ways  (which sound like normal street names on acid).

pastelhouseAlso, I noticed that the color palette for these houses included many pastel type colors.  I really like this, though it’s not to everyone’s taste.  Also, there was a really cool Halloween decoration set up on Memory Lane.

Then I came back to my own neighborhood, just to see how much time it took.   Not much to comment on it… perhaps just because I’m more familiar with it.   Two things caught my eye… there was a bush near Cherrywood Drive and 16th that was sculpted in an interesting way.  The bottom 90% was very neatly trimmed, but the top looked like it was totally naturally wild.. gave an interesting impression.  (PICTURE IF AVAILABLE).   Also, on Cherrywood  Drive, my neighbor (who works for NASA) has a telescope in his back yard.  It looks like a miniature Mt. Palomar, white dome and all.  He invited the entire neighborhood over last summer to look at Saturn and the moon.  (Could have a picture here, but I’m not what privacy concern apply here…. Wouldn’t want to encourage any vandalism)

That was it for today… about 1:10 walking time. Not sure of the distance … weather was absolutely marvelous.

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