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Toward the end of my March 17th, St.  Patrick’s Day walk, I decided to add a new twist to my year.  I’m going to see how many states I see represented by license plates throughout the year.  Even though I’ve missed the first two and a half months.

I’ll also hope to maybe get a Washington, D.C., Mexico or a Canada plate.

I estimate I will probably end up with about 40 of the states by the end of the year.  I’m guessing Hawaii might not be likely to show up.  I will only count it as a plate if it legitimately shows up during one of my walks.

Below is one of many web sites selling license plates… fun to look at the variety.

License plates for sale



The state nicknames given first are from a Rand-McNally road atlas — I’ve added some other ones that I’ve heard.

March 17 — Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming  — cumulative 3

March 19 — Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, Texas — cumulative 8

March 22 —  Montana, Ohio — cumulative 10

March 30 — California,Kansas. Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin — cumulative 20  (Big day today !!  I’m guessing I probably get at most 2 or 3 a day from here on out, and probably a bunch of zeroes thrown in here and there.)

April 6 — okay, I underestimated.  I got 7 new license plates today!!!

Alabama, Kentucky,  Maine(!?!), Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah. (cumulative 27)

April 12 —  Idaho  (cumulative 28).   Last night, I saw three plates I needed in the Walgreens parking lot… a Louisiana, Michigan, and a big one…  Alaska!!   I was so tempted to go home and get my camera…. but….. but……  that would be cheating.

April 20 —  and again, 7 new license plates today… plus Mexico!!!

Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Missouri (cumulative 35)  + Chihuahua, Mexico

April 30 — Michigan, North Carolina, North Dakota (cumulative 38)

May 10 — no new U.S. state license plates, but one from the state of Durango, Mexico!

May 11 — Louisiana and Tennessee (cumulative 40)

May 18 — Saw Rhode Island at a stop light… but no picture, so won’t count it.

May 25 — New Jersey and West Virginia (cumulative 42)

June 6 — Vermont (cumulative 43)

June 16 — New Hampshire (cumulative 44)

June 22 — Arkansas (cumulative 45)  PLUS Canada (British Columbia)!!

July 2 — Delaware (cumulative 46)

July 12 — Connecticut (cumulative 47)

July 30 — Hawaii and South Carolina (cumulative 49)

I just need a photo of a Rhode Island plate (which I’ve seen,  but not photographed); and it would be nice to get a Washington D.C. still.  But my quest is basically done.    And much sooner than I expected… it just took a little over 4 months.




Alabama  – The Yellowhammer State (Heart of Dixie)

OldEastLongmontNorth 009

Alaska  –The Last Frontier (Land of the Midnight Sun)

MumfordHeights 036

Arizona  – The Grand Canyon State

NorthFrancisGay 023

Arkansas  –  The Natural State (Razorback State, Diamond State)

NorthShore 055

California  – The Golden State  (Eureka State, Bear State)

TwinPeaksGolf 004

Colorado  – The Centennial State  (Rocky Mountain State)

SugarMill 083

Connecticut  –  The Constitution State  (Nutmeg State, Charter Oak State)

Northof21,West of Spencer 007

Delaware  –  The Diamond State  (First State, Blue Hen State)


The first state to rafity the Constitution

The first state to rafity the Constitution

Florida  – The Sunshine State  (Everglade State, Orange State)

MumfordHeights 038

Georgia  –  The Peach State  (Empire State of the South)

SugarMill 054

Hawaii  – The Aloha State  (The Pineapple State)


didn't think I would get one of these!

didn’t think I would get one of these!

Idaho  – The Gem State

EastofDeeewood 054

Illinois  –  Land of Lincoln  (Prairie State)


note the faded 'Honest Abe'

note the faded ‘Honest Abe’

Indiana  — The Hoosier State  (Crossroads of America)

MumfordHeights 014

Iowa  – The Hawkeye State

MumfordHeights 013

Kansas  – The Sunflower State

TwinPeaksGolf 033

Kentucky  – The Bluegrass State

OldEastLongmontNorth 056

Louisiana  – The Pelican State  (Bayou State)

LakeShore 046

Maine  – The Pine Tree State


This is a big one!!!

This is a big one!!!

Maryland  –  The Old Line State

MumfordHeights 024

Massachusetts  –  The  Bay State

MumfordHeights 017

Michigan  –  The Great Lakes State  (Wolverine State)

HistoricWest 079

Minnesota  –  The North Star State  (Gopher State,  Land of 10,000 Lakes)

TwinPeaksGolf 027

Mississippi  –The Magnolia State

TwinPeaksGolf 042

Missouri  –  The Show Me State  (The Ozark State)

MumfordHeights 008

Montana  –  The Treasure State  (The Blue Sky State)

UteCreekEast 020

Nebraska  –  The Cornhusker State  (The Beef State)

SugarMill 047

Nevada  –  The Silver State  (The Sagebrush State,  The Battle Born State)

OldEastLongmontNorth 013

New Hampshire  –  The Granite State

Gooseberry-Renaissance 034

New Jersey  –  The Garden State

BohnFarm 001

New Mexico  –   Land of Enchantment

TwinPeaksGolf 019

New York  –  The Empire State

SugarMill 051

North Carolina  – The Tar Heel State  (First in Flight)

HistoricWest 010

North Dakota  –  The Peace Garden State  (The Flickertail State)

HistoricWest 075

Ohio  –  The Buckeye State  (Birthplace of Aviation)

UteCreekEast 006

Oklahoma  –  The Sooner State

OldEastLongmontNorth 030

Oregon  –  The  Beaver State

TwinPeaksGolf 069

Pennsylvania  –  The Keystone State  (The Independence State, The Quaker State)

  1. OldEastLongmontNorth 059

Rhode Island  –  The Ocean State  (Little Rhody)

( saw ‘Little Rhody’ at a stoplight, but didn’t get a picture, so not counting it)

South Carolina  –  The Palmetto State


The Palmetto State (tree)

The Palmetto State (tree)

South Dakota  –  The Mount Rushmore State  (The Coyote State)

TwinPeaksGolf 018

Tennessee  –  The Volunteer State

LakeShore 045

Texas  –   The Lone Star State

SugarMill 048

Utah  –  The Beehive State

OldEastLongmontNorth 021

Vermont  –  The Green Mountain State

North17EastMain 019

Virginia  –   The Old Dominion State

TwinPeaksGolf 050

Washington  –  The Evergreen State

TwinPeaksGolf 061

West Virginia  –  The Mountain State

BohnFarm 040

Wisconsin  –   The Badger State  (America’s Dairyland)

TwinPeaksGolf 021

Wyoming  –  The Equality State   (Cowboy State)

NorthFrancisGay 025


Washington,  D.C.







Chihuahua, Mexico !!

Chihuahua, Mexico !!


WestofMain17-21 004



British Columbia (visitors from Vancouver)

British Columbia (visitors from Vancouver)


Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada




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