January Progress Report

CAUTION — Graphic photo below — not for weak stomachs!!

I’ve finished my first month of walking.  I think I’m pretty much right on schedule.  I should be about 8 % done with Longmont by now, and that ‘s about where I’m at.  The map below shows the 8 outings I’ve done in January, using 5 different magic markers colors. (Four colors should be enough, but I’m going to make it easy on me… that’s the topic of a ‘digression blog’ coming soon.)

So far:  151,850 steps (according to my pedometer), taking 26 hours and 6 minutes.  At this rate, I expect I will walk about two million steps in 2013 in covering Longmont.  Sometime in February I will go out to the Skyline track to calibrate my pedometer to see how many miles I am covering.

The dark black outline on the map shows roughly the areas I’m planning on covering in 2013.

I’m showing a second, more close-up area of the map, concentrating on the northern part of Longmont, which is where most of my walking has been so far.

FoxHill 039

Black line delineates my 2013 walking area

FoxHill 040

Blue, orange, yellow, green and pink show the eight areas covered so far.

Jennifer took the picture of my blister, which I kind of like.  I’ve had one major blister on my right foot, and now one major one on my left foot.  But they’re healing up pretty well, and my feet are getting toughened up, so it should be smooth sailing from here on out!

Left foot blister

Left foot blister

3 thoughts on “January Progress Report

  1. Mark – Like Nick, I am looking forward to seeing your progress in February too, but I am NOT looking forward to seeing more pictures of your blisters. Good job on all your walks though – Your sis -

  2. OK.. I’ll try not to take any more blister photos.. unless they’re especially cool! Sometimes you just want to show off your “war wounds” I guess. Mark you are doing great and I can’t believe you’ll be on a Million Steps Walk this year!

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