October Progress Report

My totals for the month:  96,970 steps  in 19 hours and 34 minutes.   Total for the year is 1,314,140 steps, and time of 241 hours and 13 minutes. At first glance it appears this was a light month for me… and it was as far as reaching my Longmont walking goal.   In my defense, however, I did three days of walking in Minden, Nebraska and Boulder.  I wrote about them in this blog, but the steps and time are not included in the above numbers.    I’m hoping to walk the remainder of Minden when we go back there for Thanksgiving. I’m still comfortably on schedule to finish this year… about 10 more outings, it appears.  And that’s including 2 or 3 planned outings to the east of town along highway 119, which are not actually in the city limits (although they have Longmont addresses).  I did my first one of those in October.

Progress as of the end of October

Progress as of the end of October

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